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About me

Patrick Tumfour

My name is Patrick and I was born in 1984 and raised in Berlin, Germany.

I was always sourrounded by many different forms of art at an early age, which led me to develop a love for "beauty" .

I love to travel and explore, which is one reason why I chose my profession as a chef. After 3 years of culinary training in Berlin, followed by a year of working in a kitchen, I realized I couldn't sit still anymore.

​Ever since then, I have traveled and worked in over 30 countries. I never get tired of  trying new food and finding the perfect scenery to photograph.

I started taking photos when I was 14 while on holiday in Poland. There I captured a hawk flying over a river in front of a captivating background. After two weeks of patiently waiting to develop the film, I was surprised by how sharp and balanced the picture was.

Ever since then I started to see the world (mostly nature) in a different light.

At the age of twenty five I bought myself my first DSLR and started teaching myself techniques and shooting frequently even though I had never been properly trained.

Last year I was inspired by Dominic Hall a fellow chef, ( as I worked alongside him. We share the same profession and also passion for photography. He has allowed me to translate my creative thoughts into actions, which I often struggled with before.

As I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason,  the places and people I have met have led me to where I am today.  ​


Currently, I am concentrating on landscape photography, but I plan to develop my skills with Portrait photography within the next couple months. 

Long story short, my greatest passions include photography and good food. They have both allowed me to enjoy the best things that life has to offer.

I hope u find solace in my photography and learn more about me through my website. 

Please feel free to leave a massage. 


Open ur eyes for the beauty its right in the "open ur eyes section"...

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